Prachtstad Alkmaar

Shopping and socializing

Alkmaar stays already for several years in the top 10 of the best shopping cities. In the Langestraat and the Laat you can find branches of all famous stores. Of course the Old City and all the smallest streets are not to miss. Behind the photogenic facades of Fnidsen, the Hekelstraat and the Magdalenensraat you will find lots of small nice shops. The cozy market of Alkmaar is every Saturday at Gedempte Nieuwesloot

Eating and drinking

Alkmaar has many squares and plazas where the nicest restaurants are located, usually with terrace. The best known are the Waagplein, the Platte Stenenbrug and the Kerkplein (Church Square) next to the Great Church. Also recommended: the Stadsstrand across the North Holland Canal.

The history is palpable

You can see it on the canals, the facades and the beautiful merchant houses: the thousand year old Alkmaar was a prosperous trading city in centuries past. Alkmaar has many monuments. These include the most famous the 14th-century Waag building, the City Hall (Stadshuis) in the Langestraat and the Great Church of Sint Laurens with its famous organs.

Alkmaar the Victory 

In 1573 Alkmaar was besieged by the Spanish; the famous' House with the bullet" in the Appelsteeg reminds us of the fierce battle. Alkmaar was the first city that successfully managed to dislodge the Spanish army; this is still celebrated every year on 8 October.

The courtyards of Alkmaar
In the town of Alkmaar there are many hidden courtyards. The courtyards of  Splinter and Wildeman are free to the public. It is as if time has stood still here.

More about the history of Alkmaar
In the City Museum of Alkmaar at Canadaplein you will find more information about glorious history of Alkmaar. Or you can book a guided tour through the city at VVV at the Waagplein!

Discover Alkmaar from the water

Alkmaar is beautiful from the water. Every hour a boat departs from the Mient. Because of low bridges you have to bend constantly; lots of fun and hilarity! Also nice; rent a boat and go for a picknic along the canals. You can do it by De Kraak and at the Alkmaar Boat Rentals.

If you coming with your own yacht to Alkmaar, you can moor in and around the canals, right in the center! For more information go to

Theater en museums

The Canada Square (het Canadaplein) is the cultural heart of Alkmaar. Here you can find theater De Vest, where from September to May there are almost every evening interesting performances to see. In the summer perform here often outside artists on! Also at the Canada Square: the City Museum of Alkmaar, with impressive exhibition of the history of Alkmaar and temporary art exhibitions. Other museums that you shoud visit in Alkmaar: the Dutch Cheese Museum, The Beer Museum and the Beatles Museum.

There is always something interesting to do in Alkmaar: Cheese Head City (Kaeskoppenstad), 4-days walk (de Wandel4Daagse), Summer on the Square (Zomer op het Plein), the Blues festival, the Whisky festival, the Lindegracht concerts, music afternoon in city park De Hout, Culinary Plaza, Lights Evening, Open Monument Day, Patch/Agricultural Day and the Midwinter Festival in de Rijp. These are examples of popular events. For an overview go to, or download the free App Alkmaar.

Alkmaar is situated less than 10 kilometers away from the North sea beach. Pleasant resorts of Bergen aan Zee and Egmond aan Zee are easily to achieve with a bike or public transport.

Amsterdam is located within 30 kilometers from Alkmaar. There is direct train connection between two cities. So if you stay in Alkmaar, you can always easily go to Amsterdam - and the other way around!

From Alkmaar you can nicely go for a walk or go biking. But those who really likes sports can visit De Hoornse Vaart. Very impressive climbing park and indoor/outdoor swimming pool are a must for young and old.

Beside the cheese market, Alkmaar is world famous because of footbal club AZ. You can book a guided tour through the famous stadium via