Cancellation Fund


Cancellation policy

1. Why should I participate in the cancellation fund?

Of course you are not going to assume that your vacation falls through, for example due to illness of yourself or a family member. Or that there is another reason why your holiday should be canceled. Participation in the cancellation fund avoids double bad luck: do not continue  your holiday and that you still have to pay for it. The due amount is paid simultaneously with the booking fee, this saves you an effort and costs. To participate, you do not need to fill in any additional documents or to make separate payments. In short, the cancellation fund is easy, simple and advantageous. To save costs, you can better specify requests  to join it already while booking.


2. How can I participate and what does it cost?

On the booking form you indicate that you would like to participate. You do this by clicking the cancellation fund in additional costs. This means also that you have read the terms and conditions and you agree. The participation fee is 8% of the rent.  


If you pay for a holiday for example a rental fee 300,00 euro, the cost is only  € 24,--. These charges are listed separately on your confirmation, your booking confirmation is also your proof of participation.  The participation fee has to be fully paid with the first payment. 


3. In which cases can I use the cancellation fund?

You can use the cancellation fund only when  Rentals Egmond has received the participation fee. Furthermore, it should occur one of the following circumstances::

  • Death, illness or accident/injury of participants, family members in the 1st or 2nd degree or housemates of participant.
  • Complications of pregnancy of participant or partner of participant.
  • Medically necessary surgery that participant, his/her partner or a child living with the participant has to undergo.
  • Physical damage of the property of participant or the company where he works, so his presence is urgently needed there.
  • The acceptance by an unemployed member of an employment of at least 20 hours a week, for a period of at least six months or indefinitely.
  • Unemployment of the participant  with permanent employment contract  as a result of dismissal.
  • Getting by the participant unexpectebly provided rent property, or unexpected move, for example due to renovation or change of employment.   
  • Due to external calamity, failure of the private vehicle which is supposed to be used by the participant for a vacation, within 30 days before the scheduled arrival date. 
  • Final breakdown of the marriage of participant.  Final breakdown of the marriage is treated as the dissolution of a notarial cohabitation contract.

In cases where cancellation is necessary, but provisions mentioned above do not apply, will be sought in consultation with the participant  to the appropriate arrangements.



4. What are the exclusions?

You or your party is not eligible for a contribution from the cancellation fund if:

  • There has been a false statement and/or misrepresentation of cases given.
  • A claim is the result of an event that is (in)directly related with:
    - acts of war, including armed conflict, civil war, rebellion, civil unrest, riots and mutiny;
    - natural disasters, epidemics and terrorism;
    - nuclear reaction including any nuclear reaction in which energy is released.

Rentals Egmond also has the right in special cases to refuse participation in the cancellation fund.


5. What should I do if I want to qualify for a contribution from the cancellation fund?

  • You inform Rentals Egmond about cancellation immediately after an event, but in any case within three working days.
  • Oral reports should always be followed by a written confirmation.
  • You have to prove the circumstances that lead to a request  for a contribution from the cancellation fund.
  • After termination of the stay may not longer be appealed to the cancellation fund.


6.What is the amount I receive, and how long does it take to receive the contribution from the cancellation fund? 

How high is the amount you receive from the cancellation fund depends on the circumstances. The contribution from the cancellation fund can never exceed the amount you paid Rentals Egmond,  minus the booking fee and the full cost of participation in the cancellation fund. Except in special circumstances , you will hear within one week after receiving of your written cancellation confirmation, that your appeal to the cancellation fund is upheld. You will hear also what for a amout  you qualify. Within six weeks it will be paid on your account.