By Rentals on Wednesday 29 July 2015.

Welcome to Amsterdam and welcome to your official guide to the Netherlands' capital city.

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Dining out: Brasserie Santiago

By Rentals on Monday 27 April 2015.
Brasserie stands for honest and delicious food and drink. "Santiago" stands for: less strong shoulders inspire strong shoulders.
Together we share our passion for hospitality and work satisfaction.

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Dining out: Restaurant "Mats"

By Rentals on Saturday 18 April 2015.

In restaurant "Mats" they work with fresh, seasonal and regional products. It is based on the French cuisine but with a modern twist. So they use fish from the local fisherman from the village, which captures directly from the sea.

The restaurant seats up to 56 guests. We would like that our guests feel at home and have an enjoyable evening, for a good price quality ratio.

Delicious and honest food, that is "Mats".

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Prachtstad Alkmaar

By Rentals on Sunday 10 May 2015.

Shopping and socializing

Alkmaar stays already for several years in the top 10 of the best shopping cities. In the Langestraat and the Laat you can find branches of all famous stores. Of course the Old City and all the smallest streets are not to miss. Behind the photogenic facades of Fnidsen, the Hekelstraat and the Magdalenensraat you will find lots of small nice shops. The cozy market of Alkmaar is every Saturday at Gedempte Nieuwesloot

Eating and drinking

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